A mum's powerful message to people criticising her sons’ hair

A mum's powerful message to people criticising her sons’ hair

Perth mum, Chloe Dunstan, calls out people who shame her three boys for having long hair in an open letter, "Little Boys' hair 101".

Chloe and her husband Rohan blog about the daily lives of their ‘little beans’ - Evan (4), Otto (3), Felix (2), and 11-month-old triplets, Henry, Rufus and Pearl - on their Facebook page ‘Chloe and Beans’.

“Male hair has the ability to grow long, just like female hair.” she sarcastically wrote on Facebook this week.

“Sometimes people tell us it needs to be cut off because it's too heavy, uncomfortable, too hot or unclean when it's long; if that's the case, I'm just wondering why we shouldn't shave girls' hair off too?”

She asks, “Is it because boys are allowed to be more comfortable than girls? And girls should sacrifice comfort for aesthetics?”

“Some people think my kids will get picked on for having long hair. So teach your children not to bully people for how they look.” Ms Dunstan continues.

She has no problems with people assuming wrongly the gender of her boys, saying “It happens 99.9% of the time when we are out and I just say, "oh, they're actually boys" and the kind people say "oh okay, oops!" and the assholes say "BOYS? ARE YOU SURE?"”

The mother of six goes on to ask why looking like a girl would be a bad thing, pointing out that it is no ones business “what a child has between their legs”.

“My kids don't like having their hair cut. They get really upset about it actually. I don't want to upset my children.” she explains.

“My kids are clean, comfortable, kind, healthy, happy and confident with who they are. This is what matters most.”

She signs off with the hashtag #‎longhairdontcare‬.

The post reached around 3.5 k in just two days , with many mothers sharing pictures of their sons with long hair.

The letter can be found here:


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